Every coach dreams of a player with an exceptional all-around game. that’s the best way to think of Astroturf® PureGrass®. PureGrass performs like a pro, indoors and out. those features, along with the no fill required (nfr) technology, reduce the amount of infill required, and in some cases eliminate it altogether. it’s a premium, multi-purpose turf with a heavy nylon pile and thick nylon rootZone. Players appreciate the uniform traction and ball response of PureGrass–and it is engineered to provide athletes with optimum range of movement, superior shock attenuation, proper energy restitution and stability. it’s a redefining technology from the brand that redefined turf.

Spain’s Real Madrid and Valladolid. The UK’s Manchester United. Germany’s SSV Ulm. And France’s Nancy Lorraine. These are just a few of the teams worldwide that play on AstroTurf® surfaces. Extensively researched and tested, AstroTurf® FIFA-compliant soccer field surfaces meet the highest standards for performance and durability.


Superb R&D

Astroturf® differentiates itself in a highly competitive market by investing in R&D that brings rigorous tested products, both in the laboratory and on the field to market today.


Shoe-surface study

A study conducted by a leading research university showed that the Gameday Grass 3d system from Astroturf® most closely replicated the performance characteristics of natural grass.



Astroturf® products carry the most comprehensive third-party warranty available in the industry. This should give you all the confidence in the world when you purchase an Astroturf®.